King’s Kids: A class filled with fun loving children eager to learn about our God. We love to start with open discussion about our week and then we turn our hearts and minds to God’s word.  Our main focus is learning how to become young disciples of Christ. We spend time discovering scripture that may not be familiar to us and we learn how to apply that scripture to our lives. We also take some time to play some interactive games to help familiarize us with the Bible. Growing, learning, and loving that we are all King’s Kids.

Meet in the last room on the right of the children’s hall

Age: 1st – 6th grades

Teacher:  Children's Volunteers

Youth: An interactive class with conversations about the scripture and, more importantly, how to apply the word of God to our everyday lives.  Through application exercises and activities outside the classroom, we are striving the teach the youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.  They learn how to recognize and act upon opportunities, in their daily lives, to put what we are learning to work.  Grace, kindness, faith and forgiveness are the cornerstone of our Sunday School Class. 

Meets in "The Place"; the red brick building behind the church.

Age: Grades 7-12

Teachers: Bryan and Terri Scheetz

New Beginnings: Each week we take a different area of scripture and look at how it is shaped by the history, culture and society norms in the days of Jesus.  This is an introduction class for those who wish to get a better understanding of the Bible and the writers.  After the Summer the class will switch over to studying Wesley and United Methodist Believes. 

Meets in Room 210 in the Discipleship Center

Age: Varies from young adult to older age adults. 

TeacherRev. Robert Lancaster

C.B.S.  Christian Brothers and Sisters: A vibrant discussion group for adults interested in detailed and in-depth Bible Study in order to gain a deeper understanding of abundant living through faith in Christ. Currently studying book of Matthew.

Meets in room 206 in the Discipleship Building

Age: Varies from young adult to middle age adults.

Teacher: Judy Wooley

The Covenant Sunday School Class: We study the books of the Bible during our Sunday School class time, and we encourage discussion. Although we take our studies seriously, we try to insert humor into our time together.  We also have occasional luncheons and dinners away from the church.
The class is made up of mostly "middle-aged" persons. We have both couples and singles in our class.  

Teacher: Ray Hester

Meets in Room 102 of the Discipleship Center

The Hannah Sunday School class: A small group of older adults who use the ADULT BIBLE STUDIES. The quarterly ADULT BIBLE STUDIES are Bible-based, Christ-focused, United Methodist-approved curriculum for use in adult Sunday school classes. Our class has 4 weekly rotating teachers who encourage group discussion.

Each week’s lesson features:

• A purpose statement offering focus and direction for the lesson    • Printed biblical text from The Common English Bible   • Reliable and relevant biblical explanation and application

Together, we continue learning how to apply and share God’s word in today’s world. We invite you to come join us.

Meets in Room 211 of the Discipleship Building